About Us

tarotname is the website that was established with the aim of bringing you together with fortune-tellers. Bringing curious people together, with real interaction with our coffee, tarot, astrology, katina, dream interpretation and relationship counselor services, We are at your service for you to have a different and unique fortune-telling experience with our page where you can have fortune-telling checked.

For the tarotname family, fortune telling means a pleasant conversation, communication and entertainment tool.

We are always ready to respond to your requests sincerely with a positive approach and we are always open to your suggestions, We hope that our meeting will turn into long friendships, real friendships with you.

As the tarotname family, to bring innovative solutions to your leading problems, to produce projects to eliminate these problems, We want to create positive change in your life.

If you say I'm very confused today, I don't know what to do, you need help, You can choose the fortune tellers that you think are suitable for you and have your fortune told.