Privacy Policy

The information received by our site is only basic information obtained with the aim of ensuring that you benefit from the services of the site without any problems. is like your e-mail address to give you the best service. saves some of your information to the system with your approval and such as your users' e-mail, phone number, etc. no business partner, company, institution or other not shared with the organization. correspondence between users not open to users.

Your registered personal information will not be sold, rented or rented in any way. It cannot be exchanged with another institution or organization. This Except for the articles in the 'Privacy Policy' text, not shared with third parties.

You only accept your personal information in the Terms of Use. can be opened to legal authorities within the framework of the rules.

In a secure environment where personal information is not publicly available is stored. is the most up-to-date to protect your information. uses technology standards.