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Since my childhood my feelings have always guided me and those around me.Now it is my turn to share my predictions with you.İf you are ready to hear whatever is positive or negative,l'm with you on this difficult road.Keep your questions clear.Please submit your partner İnformation in Tarot or Katına horoscope.May the lights be with you,if you are ready to hear everything. Let's start. My fortune telling: My care process changes. according to your energy and opening.l try to feel and read all your headlights down to the smallest detail.İf you are waiting to know the end it will be beautiful:) My experience and training Astronomy,metaphysics,relationship counseling,psychological counseling.l have received Reiki training and fixed it with years of experience l was born in South England.l learned fortune telling from my aunt.l learned advanced Tarot.l spent 2 months in seclusion in India to strengthen my senses.l've known about me that my feelings are strong.

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